Günter Schwaderlapp tax advisor
Leistungen für Unternehmen

Services for private individuals

We comprehensively advise and support you as an individual with your private tax returns and the target-oriented planning of your tax situation. This applies, in particular, if you generate income from capital assets and rental income or you need a problem to be solved regarding inheritance and gift tax.

We review your tax assessment notices and support you with regard to:
  • Funding opportunities for renewable energy, such as your solar installation
  • Building subsidies
  • Funding for redevelopment areas
  • Applications for home-owner subsidies (Eigenheimzulage)

We also clarify on your behalf whether you will have to pay taxes on your pension or other retirement income.

And we represent you fully before the fiscal authority.

“As a client and business partner, your trust is our most important goal.“

Schwaderlapp & Kröll Steuerberatung
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40599 Düsseldorf

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