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Tax advice

Tax advising and planning/designing 

In a permanently changing environment of tax legislation and jurisdiction, it is not only important to have daily tax issues under control but also to develop the right strategies on a case-by-case basis to safeguard the operating sphere and privacy as well as planning the tax-optimised restructuring of assets, investments and, most of all, the future.

Our services include
  • Preparation of tax returns and tax balance sheets for enterprises of various legal forms
  • Tax optimisation concerning all daily issues
  • Carrying out of tax burden comparisons
  • Strategic reorganisation for the further corporate development
  • Participation in the planning and implementation of occupational pension and social welfare funds
  • Concept and realisation of foundations
  • Succession planning
  • Advice on issues regarding gift and inheritance tax
  • Representation in audits
  • National and international tax advisory services
  • Representation in legal proceedings before fiscal courts and tax authorities


Digital bookkeeping is the future 

We have the ideal technical equipment and know-how to meet your requirements. If you wish, you can simply scan your records and forward them to us online. This way, you save a lot of costs and time, keep your records at your offices and are able to provide information at any time. Our office staff duly link your scanned records with an accounting record.

On request, we can immediately insert your incoming and outgoing payments in the current bookkeeping via an online interface to your bank. This saves a lot of time and reviewing effort. Your advantages: We promptly provide you with payment overviews and open item lists. The review of incoming payments and on-time reminding of defaulting payers guarantees your liquidity.

Our special services:
  • We provide you with comprehensible analyses including budget figures required for your corporate management as planning security will become increasingly important for an enterprise in the future.
  • We prepare your bookkeeping for all legal forms, on request also in English, to meet international requirements.
  • If you wish to make your entries yourself, we can also provide you with an online access to our server which is professionally monitored and maintained by us. This saves you the acquisition of hardware and software – and we can also smoothly support you in the event of illness or during vacations.
  • We assist you in designing and implementing a cost accounting system.

Economic and structural changes in the market or cost and pricing pressure can often only be countered with effective controlling. Our controlling instruments enable you to regulate your finances and liquidity and allow precise forecasting for the further development of your business: capital, turnover, costs, profit, cash-flow etc.

Solutions for online shops and e-commerce 

We are experienced in all tax issues arising in connection with the set-up and operation of online shops. The ongoing clarification of VAT issues is of particular importance.

If a customer in Germany, for example, buys an e-book from a merchant in another European country, this triggers VAT in Germany but not in the home country of the supplier. Telecommunications, broadcasting, TV and other services provided electronically to private customers within the European Union are subject to tax in Germany if the customer lives in Germany.

Entrepreneurs providing those services are therefore generally obliged to register for VAT purposes and comply with their reporting and declaration obligations. Alternatively, they can make use of the facilitation of procedures regarding the “Mini One Stop Shop”. This facilitation is applicable in all member states of the European Union. Businesses in Germany can electronically declare their sales regarding telecommunications, broadcasting, TV and other electronically provided services, generated in other member states of the European Union, via the German Federal Central Tax Office (Bundeszentralamt für Steuern) and pay their taxes in total.

We would be happy to apply for this electronic procedure with the German Federal Central Tax Office and prepare all required tax returns for you.

Preparation of accounts 

We assure you the consistent and reliable preparation of your financial statements including corresponding tax returns on the basis of your bookkeeping figures.

Our services:
  • Timely preparation of the balance sheet, the income statement and the notes for corporations as well as assistance with the preparation of the annual report
  • Company-specific notes to the financial statements including a comprehensive ratio analysis
  • Preparation of special-purpose balance sheets
  • Preparation of all corporate and private tax returns, taking into account tax optimisation
  • Participation in the planning and implementation of tax matters
  • Representation before fiscal authorities
  • Attendance at tax audits
  • Support during tax investigations
  • Representation in tax penalty matters

Payroll accounting 

As a tax consultancy, we naturally provide a complete service for your payroll accounting. In this context, we regard both services as instruments of corporate management, rather than a mere recording of vouchers which serve for dealing with the past.

Our special service:
  • We show you how to motivate your employees and save labour costs by optimising your net salaries.
  • You can transfer your payroll data to us by e-mail, fax or mail.
  • We also take care of the correspondence with health insurance companies and tax authorities.
  • We provide you with suitable organisational solutions and assist you with all formalities.

Business consulting

From a start-up to success 

You have a brilliant business idea and wish to acquire or reorganise an existing enterprise? We gladly support your decision and your courage by providing thorough prior planning.

We advise you on …
  • choosing the appropriate legal form,
  • claiming KfW bank subsidies (KfW – Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, German government-owned development bank) and
  • preparing meetings with banks.

Many contact points, in particular financial institutions, require a convincing business plan with a 3-year earnings forecast and a liquidity plan. Of course, we also assist you with all official formalities around your start-up and advise you on the first steps regarding office management, accounting, establishment of a cost accounting system and cash management.

Financial planning: the foundation for investment 

Corporate investments are always a step towards the future. Banks set high hurdles when rating your business, especially when it comes to the use of borrowed capital. Many decision factors can be positively influenced through good advice which, in turn, provides you with security for your future.

We therefore offer you financial planning concerning:
  • Reorganisations
  • Acquisition and sale of businesses
  • Operating investments
  • Reorganisation and restructuring


We assist you in coping with critical situations in your enterprise and show you possible ways of reacting.

Our services:
  • Business analysis
  • Establishment of a cost accounting system
  • Assistance in loan negotiations
  • Transparency of cost developments through budget planning
  • Summary of results in tabular form and in graphs
  • Advisory services for the reorganisation of your cost accounting through specialists of your IT system provider
“As a client and business partner, your trust is our most important goal.“

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